This Christmas, Get 30% Off CleanMyMac X – The Best Mac Cleaning and Protection App

CleanMyMac X

For all of us, there are apps we can’t live without. For photographers, that would be image editing software. For accountants – finance management systems. For musicians – soundboards and audio recording tools. But then there are apps that everybody needs, no matter the skills or job title. On macOS, CleanMyMac X is definitely one of those.

Created and developed by MacPaw, CleanMyMac X is far more than regular Mac cleaning software. Beyond deleting cache and junk files, the app has a powerful Malware Removal module that protects your computer from any virus threats known. An ever-vigilant Live Monitor helps optimize performance and identify security problems in an instant.

All these features, and many more, are available with a 30% off Christmas discount – an offer not to miss. Any CleanMyMac plan that you buy from December 19th to December 23rd qualifies.

Why CleanMyMac X?

The app that has all you need. This would probably be the best explanation as to why you need CleanMyMac X. But what does “all” contain? Let’s take a closer look.

Save disk space by cleaning junk

Even the most elegant apartment loses all its chic as soon as it gets all dirty and dusty. Your Mac computer is similar in this regard. You can’t seriously expect it to work at its best with all the junk files and useless cache filling up disk space.

CleanMyMac X solves this problem seamlessly yet efficiently. It automatically checks your Mac and lets you know when it’s time to clean it. Just press the huge “Clean” button, and voila. Nothing else is needed from you.

If you’re worried about what actually gets deleted, you can get a detailed overview too.

Get the best performance from your Mac

When your disk is nice and clean, nothing stops you from getting your Mac to work at peak performance. But sometimes, it might get a bit overwhelmed, so its Memory and CPU start operating at full capacity. As a result, even a simple task takes ages to complete, and trying to open a new Chrome tab becomes a nightmare.

Well, you’ve probably guessed that CleanMyMac X saves you from the dread of a slow Mac too. The Live Monitor will let you know when CPU or Memory usage is too high. It will also let you clear both in a matter of a click so that nothing stops you from getting the task done.

Stay safe and sound

Even if you cleared all the cache and there’s no unneeded process cluttering your Mac’s RAM, some malware can destroy all hopes of being productive and safe.

That’s why CleanMyMac wouldn’t be complete without the Malware Removal module. Not only does it easily detect and eliminate any viruses, malware, adware, spyware, etc. But it also does so in the most unintrusive way possible.

Be sure your Mac is safe from harm while you work online. And do a malware scan any time when you feel like something’s fishy.

Keep your apps organized

Any app manufacturer will tell you that keeping their software regularly updated ensures the best performance. Yet, many of them don’t help users update their apps at all. Who can tell how many programs on your Mac are way outdated? Well, CleanMyMac can!

The Updater module scans all the apps installed from AppStore and other sources to help find recent updates. It will also automatically install those updates. At a click of a button, of course.

There’s also the Uninstaller module, which does quite the opposite. It will make sure the app you no longer need on your Mac is deleted without a trace. This can help reduce performance issues and disk space cluttering in the future.

All of CleanMyMac for 30% less during the Christmas holidays

Give your Mac a present this winter and help it feel young again. Get a copy of CleanMyMac X for 30% less from December 19th to December 23rd. Make sure your Christmas is lag- and worry-free.

And while you’re at it, get another CleanMyMac license for your friends and family. Nothing says “Merry Christmas!” better than caring for your loved ones.

CleanMyMac X

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