Emjysoft Cleaner is a Windows-based system optimization and cleaning software. Its user-friendly design and robust functionality make it a worthy contender to well-known brands like Ccleaner and Glary Utilities, the latter having been previously assessed on our platform.

The distinct edge that Emjysoft Cleaner has over its competition lies in its methodology: rather than focusing on deleting as many files as possible, the software prioritizes the secure cleanup of the system, mitigating threats to personal data and system stability. It employs inherent Windows tools to accomplish this goal. A noteworthy feature of the software is its lack of telemetry and spyware, as well as its promise of not selling user’s personal information to third parties, a guarantee that’s not always evident with other software products.

Emjysoft Cleaner Interface
Emjysoft Cleaner Dashboard

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Emjysoft Cleaner can be navigated with ease by users possessing a wide range of technical proficiency. Activating the automated cleaning function is as straightforward as pressing the “Clean everything” button. For users desiring more hands-on control, each individual cleaning tool can be accessed directly from the primary interface.

The software boasts a myriad of features that include the removal of temporary files, purging of the Windows recycle bin, file history cleanup, deletion of prefetch data, Windows registry and DNS cache cleaning. The software also extends its reach to browsers, eradicating data remnants like browsing history, cookies, cache, and additional data. Furthermore, it facilitates the use of built-in Windows cleaning tools directly from its interface.

Our tests indicated that Emjysoft Cleaner delivered as promised, demonstrating high-grade performance and lightweight functioning. The automated cleaning feature encountered no issues across the range of systems where it was applied. You can try Emjysoft Cleaner from the official website, don’t be scared off by the French language on the site, the software once installed also supports English.

We confer a favourable review upon Emjysoft Cleaner. If you are on the lookout for a cost-effective and efficient system cleaning tool, this could be the product to meet your needs. Give it at least a try!

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