Driver easy is a software designed to simplify and automate the process of managing computer drivers. Drivers are small programs that allow the operating system to communicate with computer hardware, such as graphics cards, sound card, printers and other devices. Keeping your computer drivers up-to-date is essential for optimal performance, stability, security and compatibility with new software or hardware. Updates fix bugs, improve performance and protect the system from external threats, keeping the computer performing.

Let’s analyze this tool! Here are some positive aspects and some considerations to keep in mind:

Strength points

User-Friendly Interface: Driver Easy offers an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, making the scanning and updating drivers an accessible process even for users with less experience.

Driver Detection: The program is quite accurate in detecting outdated or missing drivers. This is especially useful for those who may not be sure which drivers need of updates.

Driver Backup: The driver backup feature is a advantageous addition. It’s always prudent to have a backup copy of current drivers before making updates, as they may occur compatibility or instability issues.

Scan planning: The option to schedule regular scans to detect new ones. Driver updates is useful for ensuring that your system is always updated without having to check manually.

Driver Easy Interface Scanning
Driver Easy Scanning Mode


Limitations of the Free Version: While the free version offers basic features, many of the advanced features, such as automatic driver updates and priority download, are reserved for the Pro version.

Reliability of Automatic Updates: Even though the automatic update of drivers can seem convenient, there are cases where automatic updates could cause compatibility issues or system instability. It is always advisable to carry out a preventive research before apply any updates.

Need for Manual Verification: Even though Driver Easy detects outdated drivers, it is always a good practice. Check the driver versions manually from the manufacturer’s official site. Sometimes, the software may not detect the latest updates.

How to Update Drivers with the Free Version

Updating the drivers with the free version is possible, even if for the non-experienced user it could be a bit complicated.
Once the files of the component to be updated have been downloaded, we can copy them to a folder of our choice and use the “Device Manager” panel to locate the component in question and double-click on it. From here, just move to the “Driver” tab, select “Update Driver” and then indicate the path to the folder where we copied the previously downloaded files. With the paid version, however, it is possible to carry out this procedure automatically.

You can download and try Driver Easy from the Official Website


Driver Easy presents itself as a useful application for managing drivers, offering both advantages to consider carefully. Among its strengths, the user-friendly interface stands out which simplifies the process of locating, updating drivers and the ability to create backup copies of current drivers.

It is important to note that the free version of Driver Easy has significant limitations, such as the lack of automatic updates and the limited number of downloadable drivers per day and a very slow download speed. The Pro version, with an associated cost, offers advanced features such as hassle-free automatic updating and priority download.

The choice whether or not to use this software depends at this point on your needs and your degree of computer experience. Anyway, the software proves to be a valid solution and from our tests we have not found any compatibility problems or damage to our systems.


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