BleachBit is a utility software that allows you to clean up your device by freeing up disk space, with an eye on your privacy as well. Continuously using our devices may over time happen to have a drop in performance or there is a need to protect our privacy by erasing any residual traces of use from our device.

BleachBit Official Website

BleachBit’s interface is designed for both novice users who just need to keep their device clean and more experienced users with greater customization needs. The software enjoys a very simple and intuitive interface and its main functions can be described as follows:

Disk Cleanup

Simple and quick via a series of selectors can be further customized by the software settings to suit your needs, allowing specific folders or individual files to be excluded from deletion or conversely adding personal folders to be cleaned up. It is possible to use a Preview feature so that you have a complete overview of the items that can be eliminated from the system cleanup.

Privacy Protection

It allows you to free various junk data from your system such as cache, stored cookies, browser history, temporary files, logs and all those useless and junk files created by lots of applications or browsers such as Firefox, Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, Opera and many more.


Very interesting is the feature that provides, in addition to the simple deletion of files, the inability to restore them, overwriting the free space on the disk so as to hide the traces of the files you have deleted.

Lastly, if a deleted item causes damage to your system’s reboot or its overall operation, BleachBit will warn you before deleting it, leaving the final choice up to you.

BleachBit is a free cross-platform software and proves to be a good free alternative to other system cleaning software.

If you want try BleachBit, visit the official website!


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