Adobe After Effects is the software of choice for creating animations, special effects, post production and more. It is currently considered the reference software for motion graphics and vfx work.

The main reason to use After Effects is to apply post-video processing on videos and/or animations made previously, applying video and image corrections and adjustments, 3D motion and perspective, in-deep editing on clip and Effect properties. With live-preview and completely customized rendering options, After Effects is the best software to finalize your hard work done, in order to impress your future viewers.

Adobe After Effects
Adobe After Effects Interface

Furthermore, understanding which software Adobe After Effects works well with in tandem is crucial to investigating its potential. After Effects is in fact deeply integrated with other Adobe software, such as: Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, and Premiere Pro. Some of these software are indispensable companions to After Effects and it would be unthinkable to do motion graphics work without them.

With Adobe After Effects you can make animated sequences with text, shapes, characters, video material and 3D elements. In simpler words, all the basic elements of motion graphics.

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This tool also makes it possible to do professional post production work on video material such as: removing superfluous objects, replacing backdrops, using camera tracking to attach 3D objects or animated text to camera movements. But it doesn’t end there, we can also add special effects such as flames, explosions and do complex compositing operations to the footage, i.e. blend multiple elements such as: photos, videos, animated text or special effects, to give the illusion that they are part of the same scene.

In short, Adobe After effects is the ideal software for doing motion graphics, post-production and video compositing work.
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